Holidays to Florida

    I am looking for a holiday to Florida for less than £1750 (closer to the £1500 if possible) including flights, accommodation (with include breakfast) and car hire, where can I get the best deals?


    For how many adults/children?

    Most accommodation doesn't include breakfast in Florida, but there are heaps of all you can eat buffets for $4 - $5 dollars per head.

    Where are you flying from? How many adults/ children?

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    Oh sorry lol 2 adults and 1 17 year old

    When are you looking to travel?

    Hopefully you should be able to get a villa for £600 for 2 weeks...

    Cheap flights might be the stumbling block...try flexibletrips

    Car hire - try allstatecarhire / dollar

    holiday rentals dot com for a villa?

    Would recommend Davenport area.

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    thanks rep added

    Just picked up this thread. Villas in plentiful supply in Davenport area (US 27), try EBay or which advertises your requirements and gets owners to email you. For car hire, I suggest…re/ where you can arrange Dollar car hire and pay in full, no extras when you get there. Enjoy.
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