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Found 31st Jan 2009
I'm planning on a week in VEGAS in September. I'm booking through Expedia but they're charging £90.

Anyone know where to go for the best deal or could provide some sort of assistance would be much appreciated.



Open up a Halifax "premium" account I think it is called. £12 a month, worldwide holiday insurance and a load of other benefits. Maybe quidco, and you can always cancel when you get home :whistling:

hi, if you go to moneysavingexpert.com/ and go to the insurance section you will find some great companies that will do you an amazing deal on holiday insurance at a fraction of the price expedia or any holiday company charge. I payed £12 last year for 2 adults and 2 kids to go to the med. I was quoted £80 with the holiday company. This is a great site for help in saving money on about everything. Hope this helps you.


i go through quidco american express. It wasnt the v cheapest but the quidco has paid out every time.

i always use insure and go, but go for their gold option

i went with axa last year after a recomendation from here, fund them very cheap, my friend got his free thru his bank tho i think it was the halifax as mentioned above

[url]www.swiftcover.com[/url] - Cheapest !!!

Everything is online so once purchased you just print off your certificate of insurance and policy and keep them with you - If lost you can just re print. Excellent website and very cheap price !

Topdog travel insurance are cheap and have a low premium should you need to claim. check travelsupermarket and compare other companies because what was good for my Europe holidays may not be suitable for you.


For the last 3 years I've used direct-travel insurance annual premiums are very competitive especially for families. the advantage is the each member including children, under 18, can travel independently

== GoDutchGo ==

i use [url]www.atlasdirect.net/travel-insurance.asp[/url]
when my wife was ill last year in the states they were fantastic.

We used insure & go when we went to Vegas & New York 3 years ago and they gave a really good price.

We didn't need to make a claim though so don't know what they are like from that respect.

or just dont bother with the insurance! tbh i can think of no one i know or have heard of ever actually using it!


or just dont bother with the insurance! tbh i can think of no one i know … or just dont bother with the insurance! tbh i can think of no one i know or have heard of ever actually using it!

That's just crazy. Peace of mind for about £20 is well worth it. Have you ever seen the price of medical treatment in the US if you need it? Trust me, most people can't afford to pay for it. And you can't use your UK card (E111 replacement) either.

I get mine free through the bank, it's RBS.

If you've not been to Vegas and you want any info drop me a PM - been 8 times!
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