Holland and Barrett, Warrington, Large Number of Reduced Sticker Items Starting from 10p

Posted 9th Oct
Just nipped into the branch in Golden Square Mall and they have a lot of short dated stock with red reduced stickers (unrelated to the sale they have on)

Mainly food items, but some random things like fancy shaving balm, aromatherapy pens, hay fever nose balm, pill caddies in there too - there's bundles dotted around the store - some at the till, others in the food sections, the body building section, etc so you'll need to have a browse

I only got a handful of items as I was already laden down with sale stuff, but they include:

Echinacea 30 pills (cold/flu) from £4.99 to £2.00 now £1.00 (exp end 12/19)

Go Bites Date and Coconut Energy Balls from 99p to 10p (BBE 12/10/19)

They had absolutely tonnes of the energy bites - the date and coconut were 10p and they had a few other flavours for 49p

I might give it a few days and go back to see if they reduce things further, especially the food items- best before dates are just a quality guide rather than a food safety thing, so dried fruit, nuts, etcc are fine to eat beyond the date on the label

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