Holliday food products (Christmas, Halloween etc)...

Why do they always go out of date before the day.

Just been shopping, was looking at some mr kipling Halloween cakes, they run out on the 26th, whats the point in that? All the shops have their Christmas stuff in already, do people really buy all this stuff in the run up to these holidays and eat it, then buy more nearer the day?





Because people who buy Xmas treat in late October will probably be eating it before Christmas, maybe?

come on people... are you really abusing food and eating it on the wrong day?
clearly there should be laws stating that halloween goods may only be consumed on 31st october, christmas stuff on 25th december, easter eggs ...(you get the idea) ...etc
harsh penalties need to be introduced to combat such nefarious activities!

I know what you mean OP, there was a birthday cake in tesco the other day that ran out in December and my birthday is not till March!!! what's the point??

It's marketing. They want you to buy twice.

We had it with nuts one year, the date was eat by 23rd December.

Not everybody celebrates in the specific day. Ie I have had Christmas Day on the 10th December due to family members been out the country for Christmas.

It's an evil plot. It doesn't matter how much planning you do, they want you to be battling for a squashed pack of something for 5 times the price on xmas eve. When all you wanted to do was stay at home playing games and getting wrecked.
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