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As it looks as though we are about to have another hot and sweaty summer I was wondering if anyone had advice on air conditioning units from previous experience?
Things like what kind of prices should we expect to pay, what features to look for and of course are there any HotDeals out there!

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I have 2 a/c units which I got for free because my best mate runs a a/c rental company.

Go for the highest BTU that you can afford. Most retail sites sell 9,000 - 12,000 BTU units. You can get retail units with 15,000 BTU+ but the price increase for the extra power is steep.

Units with a hose that you vent out of a window are incredibly noisy at night, even on the lowest fan settings. But sometimes it's easier to put up with the noise to get some sleep. If you can, purchase a unit with a long or extension hose. We put one unit in our smallest bedroom and point it at the door to cool down the other rooms. We find that even on the hottest nights the unit only needs to shave off 2deg C from ambient to make it comfortable to sleep at night; mainly because a/c removes humidity in the air.

If you can afford it and have the necessary DIY skills, then buy a split unit. My a/c mate has a split unit in his bedroom and all you hear at night is a faint background hum. You might need to factor in the proximity of your neighbours because when they try to sleep with their windows open they might not appreciate a split unit mounted right next to/underneath their window.

Finally a/c units are heavy 35kg+ at a minimum. It's not fun trying to lug one upstairs/downstairs!
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