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    We've been staying at my dad's for a few years and saving for a house. Along the way I've been buying audio equipment ready and now have a house. The room is 4.2m wide x 4.3m long.

    I have the following
    Denon avr-1912
    Bowers and Wilkins LCR 60 S3
    Pair of Bowers and Wilkins DM603
    Rears Mission M7DS

    I need new speaker cables for the rear missions about 7m long each what cables should I buy or look for? Already have bi wires for the fronts and centre is normal speaker cable with jumper bar

    Would you recommend a sub if so what?


    A lot of people feel that expensive speaker cable is just another snake oil product and there is also plenty of evidence said to back this up.
    that said I think a decent set of speaker cable can remove the issue of wire easily breaking when clamped into speakers and the receiver.

    I've been using this stuff for years and swear by it. really nice quality cable that not too expensive but still very good quality…EZQ

    I've seen it said that many professional studios (inc the BBC use this stuff)

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    Check out B K Electronics subwoofers on ebay. I've a downfiring xls200 which is a budget subwoofer but sounds amazing in an average size room.
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