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    So.........Has anyone been to the pure Haven that is.......Home Bargains?:-D Do you have one near you? Please post:-D (and by the way, I am no way obsessed with Home Bargains....And I havent posted twice about it:roll: )


    I Have a Homebargains near to where i live. Its fantastic. Quality Brands. Low Prices

    Mine is called - I think they're owned by HomeBargains.

    I don't know why they are called, they don't have a website. :lol:

    Yup, got a couple of homebargain stores around here.

    I pop in every now and again when I'm close by one. Except, I just tend to go buy ****e cause everythings so cheap in there - then I wonder why I've put on weight... or why I have a radio that I can use as a paperweight.

    Theres another good store up here, well close by in a city called Sutton-in-Ashfield, called the 99p store. Where, would you believe it, everything in the shop is 99p - and its a great big store too! My mum bought me a little britain sound key ring from there today from 99p and its brill lol keeps me amused. 6 buttons with 2 sounds on each button! But you can get alsorts in there even films and stuff (proper films - not knock offs)

    I love bargain shops lol
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