Home Central Heating Cover....any advise?

    I am looking for a good home central heating cover with no excess to pay when you have to call someone out, can anyone recommend any? I would be so gratefull!!!!



    Have you tried British Gas?

    British Gas is about the best deal and are the most reliable

    Try here for price comparisons…er/

    Personally I'm with British Gas, I know you can get it cheaper though, but British Gas have been ok with me

    never had a problem with british gas, they even came out on easter monday to fix the boiler, and it would have cost £500 that visit alone(with work and parts)

    I've used British Gas and E.ON and found E.ON better.

    Eon are cheaper and offer a more comprehensive cover. For £14 odd you get full cover with no excess to pay and an intial mainenance check within 28 days of taking cover out. It covers your entire central heating system, not just your boiler and it is 365 days per year. There is also a £11 odd option with a £50 fee per repair which some people prefer. If they are in your area, Eon will give you a better service.

    homecare from bristish gas is good

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    Many Thanks to everyone who left a reply, will be looking into both options. Cheers!

    You could try here…er/
    But if it's boiler cover your after try the boiler manufacturer itself.

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    Anyone had experience with homecallplus (homecall+)?
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