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    Hi All

    I've just moved house and purchased a 3D television for the front room, now i need a good sound system to go with it! (I have about £1000 to spend on it, and the room isn't overly massive)

    I've been looking at this for a receiver...

    Onkyo TXSR508

    And these for speakers...

    kef kht2005.3 k1 home cinema speaker system (with kube 1 subwoofer) - available from superfi uk visit http//ww…ils

    Would this system go okay?

    I hear people talking of wet, dry, agreesive etc systems and wanted to know if these are compatible!

    Anyone know of any better deals?

    Thanks, any help would be mostly appreciated!!!

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    Your links don't work. But in my opinion you need a better amp than the Onkyo 508, especially if you are going to use the Kef speakers. Personally I like the sound of Yamahas, and Pioneer are always a safe bet.

    All my opinion of course, as this stuff is very subjective.
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