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    I it me, or is it impossible t find home cinema speakers to buy?

    Im after a set of 5.1 speakers, but cannot find any anywere, i do not want a amp wth it, as i already have a half decent one, but if anyone could point me in the directin of where i cn buy sme home cinema speakers would betrely apprcied.



    Do you mean something like this:-
    Key Features:

    - Powerful Subwoofer with 30W RMS
    - 5 speakers to offer high quality surround sound
    - Stylish Silver Design
    - Features built-in amplifier
    - Independent control tower
    - Wall mountable rear satellites
    - Compatible with DVD, PC, CD, MP3, etc
    - Excellent 5.1 surround sound performance


    * PMPO: 1000 Watts
    * Woofer Driver Unit: 3"4 woofer
    * Woofer Frequency Range: 30Hz-300Hz
    * Satellites Frequency Range: 20Hz-200KHz
    * 3 Output Options: 2.0 / 2.1 / 5.1
    * Voltage: AC 230V
    * Control: Power On/Off, LED, Master Volume, Surround, Centre, Woofer
    * Output: 2.0 channel, 2.1 channel, 5.1 channel
    * All cable inclusive
    * Magnetic shielded

    Speaker Specifications:

    * Main Unit: 30W (150 x 170 x 171 mm)
    * Centre: 8W (90 x 105 x 84 mm)
    * Front: 4W x 2 (90 x 105 x 84 mm)
    * Rear: 4W x 2 (80 x 95 x 68 mm)

    Are these any good? I know the price is what would the TV sound like through them?


    Are these any good? I know the price is what would the TV sound like … Are these any good? I know the price is what would the TV sound like through them?

    I don't have it but the specs look quite good for £18.00.
    You get what you pay for I 'spose.

    What model is your amp? Speakers are dodgy things, underspend and you wont get the best out of your amp, overspend and you wont notice much difference over ones around the right price

    Original Poster

    i have a sony amp, i cannot remember the exact model name, i have tried looking on Sony's website but it seems to not be on there, do you need to know the model or is sony enough info for you?

    I appreciate you finding those other speakers, but i want speakers which will look the quite smart aswell, and with a good sound. Im not after neccesarily the cheapest speakers :thumbsup:

    But thanks for trying :-D

    I've got a Sony amp and use the Tannoy FX 5.1 speakers which have now been replaced by the EFX models - very smart looking and sound great.…137

    tbh i'd suggest posting here: [url][/url]

    They'll point you in the right direction and find you a pair of speakers that will suit your set-up. Would think one of them will be able to tell you how to find out your amps model too
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