Home cinema system..

Hi there i am looking for a new system on the cheap side. I.E less than £200..

However, i am not sure whether to go for one at this time because i cannot obviously afford a HD system with such a budget but there are various upscaling systems around at the moment and i am not realy in the know as to how good they are..

I was looking at the dixons.co.uk/pro…gle to go with my 32" samsung tv but am not sure if this is a good product.. i know it can be found cheaper elsewhere but i just wondered if anyone has recently purchased a new 5.1 system...

Obviously a HD system i envisage will be at least £300 or am i wrong?


ive just bought Philips MCD988 - 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System - With 2 Disc Changer, HDMI 1080i Upscaling & DivX £179 off amazon i didnt want 5.1 sounds quite nice know its only 2.1 but gives good afect off full surround sound.other than that the samsung HT-THX25R - DVD 5.1 Home Cinema System - With HDMI is not bad i personally would if you want good one pay just that little bit more

just look up "lafayette" on ebuyer - got two yo give as chrimbo presents - no way would you think this was only 30 quid's worth

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2.1 though.. i am only really interested in 5.1 as i already have 5.1..

Any other suggestions out there?

Lafayette - parents got that 2.1 over Christmas, looks nice, but poor quality sound and rubbish picture quality on the DVD player.

[SIZE="2"]I'd recommend buying things seperately over two or three months, because that way, you could get a pretty decent set up in no time. And, the source (DVD player/ Blu Ray Player) is perhaps the most important component because Amps and Speakers will only reproduce whatever is fed into them. So, if it starts off good...it should come out good. With the HD-DVD/ Blu-Ray war not completely over yet, you might start with purchasing an amp or speakers.

A useful feature of modern amps is that some have networking abilities. This means that they can access internet radio (1000's of stations) and stream music from your pc - even when you put your PC/ laptop to sleep to save energy! So this way you can have all your music at your fingertips. Some also have DAB radio and a USB input.
The Yamaha RXN 600D has all of these features. richersounds.com/sho…0DT

I suppose picking speakers is really down to you preferences. I've got bookshelf speakers, Floorstanders would take up too much room in my living room. If you get these things first, then perhaps the format war will be clearer as to the eventual outcome. But, if it is Sony with Blu-Ray who come out on top, then another point to consider is that Sony Blu-Ray players usually support SACD (music in 5.1). This can be an exciting way to listen to music. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds is out of this world!

God luck :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

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Thanks that is very good advice actually.. however, it does seem an expensive way.. i do not have a lot of money as i am a student so cannot really spend £300 alone on that system you have linked me too.. are their cheaper versions or anything quite as good as that because you make a good point about the current system war.

Thank you

sony ss1100 about £200 with small speakers can get large speakers version for a bit more about £250 the reviews are good and has 2 optical in and 1 digital in also 2 hdmi in and 1 hdmi out, took me a long time to decide but needed something that would have two opticals one for PS3 and one for sky HD, hope it helps!!

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Nothing similar avaliable with a dvd player?


Nothing similar avaliable with a dvd player?

You can buy good DVD player with HDMI phillips I think for about £40 and this system allows you flexibility and having all USB divX etc
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