Home Cinema System

    Hi all,

    I have a Panasonic SC-DT100 5.1 home cinema system.
    It has just broke. Comin up with error code "E61".
    I am strugling to find how to fix it or someone who knows how.

    If i can find a decent (cheap) replacement with optical & analouge in, i will bin the panasonic and purchase a new one.

    Currently i have my TV, Xbox 360 & PS3 all connected to the broken unit.
    So i have games & tv with no sound

    Please either show me some good deals or help me to repair this one.



    Tried phoning Panasonic up?
    Surely they will know what the problem is

    I know that F61 can sometimes mean that there is something wrong with the speaker cable connections, perhaps a bit of actual wire touching the casing or another wire. Might be worth a try.

    Original Poster

    Problem solved. I opened up the back and cleaned out the fan which wasnt spinning!

    All fixed.

    Thanks all,
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