Home Cinema System (Help Needed)

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Found 31st May 2009
I am thinking of getting set of speakers to enhance the sound in m bedroom.

Current setup includes:
46" Sony Bravia LCD TV
xbox 360 (with hdmi)
streaming bluray disks through laptop via hdmi ALOT
dvd player
soon to own bluray player with divx playback
Room size is like 5m by 5m.

so i was thinking of a speaker system and i seen this like a year ago as it was wireless and looked smart

What would you recommend
Pricing is not really an issue but im wanting to stay under £500

I dont get all the wattage etc? some say 450w and 1000w etc. i would think the higher is better but i want quality

I only want a decent system which has to be branded. I can go over 500 but i just think that in a year or so my system is going to be obsolete anyways.

Thanks for ur help, total newb here!
also any places where i can buy something as smart as this? i cn google etc but sometimes theres speicalists!

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