Home cinema system Help needed plz :).

    i am planning on buying a home cinema system sony DAV-DZ361W. i have this tv (post 1) which has coaxial SPDIF to connect to the cinema system and i also want to connect my 360 (HDMI), ps3, WDTV and sky HD maybe. if i use a coaxial cable from the tv to cinema system will the 360 and ps3 be output in 5.1? rep for help! thanx


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    sorry forgot to add that i don't want to use optical splitters because i want top quality sound and the system i am thinking of buying is sony DAV-DZ361 (dont want to spend more than £200)

    have you lloked on ebay for a nice amp, i always buy yamaha, the one i have now is a 7.1 i got of ebay for £100 guy was short of cash, best way to get a good one cheap.

    heres a nice one
    330315223812 ebay

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    ye i have looked at amps but everything is only for my bedroom so i would prefer to just get the sony system. i know about the connections etc i just need to know if it would be 5.1 if i do the coaxial cable from my tv to the system? the 360 and ps3 would be connected to the tv through hdmi

    I have one similar to this but mine is a 890, and its very good for games and comes with all the speakers but is a full size amp. these seem to cost a lot more then 12 months ago:( but is £224 i think mine is around the £300 mark i paid £220 and mine is 6.1


    But maybe this one is better for a bedroom, as its not a full size amp


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    yeah the second one looks very good but i think il give that a miss. thanks tho. i think the sony dav-dz361w would be better for my uses and i would prefer that model aswell
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