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    Ok so im looking at buying one of these…tml
    im wanting to hook up my ps3 to it for blu-ray films, and my sky box for normal tv sound. Is this possible with it only having 1 Optical digital connection? am I missing something here..
    Any help would be much appreciated.. or any other systems suggestions..


    HI, I've got a similar set up and had to use an optical switch. I curently use the one in the link from superhifi below. It works but the connecttions are a bit loose. I have also tried the techlink one below and an optical splitter but both caused sound drop outs…766…tml…tml

    Hope this helps.

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    Thats great thanks for your help - rep left :thumbsup:

    you should look at getting a amp and speaker kit like the HT-SS1300 or SF1300 or the HTIS100 because you have the ps3 which plays dvd and blu ray, the dvd unit on the DAV system will be redundant and you'll get better quality from those units....only saying cos i work in a sony centre =)
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