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    i live with my parents. they have their own contents insurance - is it possible for me to take out my own separate policy?




    dont think so - you generally cant insure the same risk twice

    You could probably get a lodgers insurance. Some insurers do those and cover the contents ofna locked room. Why do you need a separate policy?

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    piece of mind really. if something happens id like to know ive covered myself whatever. if you get me :-)

    everything that you own in your parents will be covered by their policy - unless you have some expensive gadgets that are over your folks ins limits .. you can always get them added specifically to thier policy and pay a little towards theirs .. cheaper than getting your own

    If your parent's policy is a standard contents policy, it will cover the contents in the property owned by themselves and their immediate family living at the property. If you take out your own policy, then this will be what is known as "dual cover" ( 2 insurers covering the same risk ). This could then result in disputes in liability if you need to claim amongst other things. Therefore, it is best you don't buy a seperate policy.

    As above, if you need to cover anything specific that isn't covered by their policy, then you can ask the insurers if they can extend the cover (usually costs extra) and if they can't/won't, you can then cover the item elsewhere with a different insurer.
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