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    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a set of 2 cordless home phones. Price ranges between £20 and £60. It's for my parents so will need to be easy to use with good sound quality. Doesn't need an answerphone as they have voicemail included.



    Hi,do you have an Asda nearby?
    It is worth looking in there,they have quite a range at reasonable prices.
    I got a twin cordless set with digital answerphone(I know you don't need this) for £34.99.

    In my local Asda there is quite a good range with and without answerphones,up to 4 cordless sets etc.Prices start around £20 I'm sure.

    I've had success here previously - good value and feedback.…tem

    For sound quality I've always found Panasonic to be better than previous my previous BT phones.

    I think the better value packs appear to come with answering machines. However the one below has no answering machine.…021

    Or DECT…spx…spx

    However John Lewis is out of stock on the none DECT one at the moment - not surprising when they appear to be around half the price of Comet etc!!

    hello mate.
    i recently purchased a pair of bt synergy 3205 sms which are excellent phones and include call divert. these phones are lovely and have an illuminated screen. i bought mine from ebay for £25.

    please let me know if you found this useful

    Original Poster

    cheers for the info guys - they had john lewis vouchers so went for the panasonics!
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