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    I have seen the current promotion with Lovefilm for a trial 3 months free rental and thinking of taking the plunge. Is this the best company in your opinions? I mainly will use the service for DVDs, but will also be interested in renting 360 games from time-to-time. How about the other home delivery companys like Blocky-Bs, Amazon e.t.c. which one is the best?


    Erm i have been with lovefilm over a year now, no problems till i ordered series 3 of lost and i havent recieved them in the right order twice with getting disc 3 b4 1 then i emailed and got a apology then i got disc one and then disc 4 i rang to complain and ask if i could get a refund as have only had 1 disc i could actually watch, and she said i can cancel but till 5 days b4 my next billing :x

    Tesco was good when i was with them. also Easydvd might work out cheaper if you dont watch that much Cos you only pay £2 a film keep it as long as you like. i swap with a friend so we can get to watch 4 films a week for £4 :-D But im a huge movie fan :roll:

    Amazon do it (not games) and are probably the best IMO followed by Blockbusters and then Lovefilm.

    Go for Lovefilm simply because it's free.

    Note if you rent DVDs from Amazon you get 5% (it used ti be 10) discount on purchased DVDs

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    Wow, didn't even know about Easydvd, and the fact that you can just pay as you go is a good idea. You don't need to keep getting rentals just for the sake of it.

    I was drawn to amazon as practically all the DVDs for sale seem to be available for rent. Is this true? How quick is their service? Any problems to report i.e. hardly any availability? Can you pretty much rent anything?

    Do all the deals include HD-DVDs, Blu-Ray at the same time?
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