Home DJ Headphones for around £40

    I need some good DJ headphones and ideally want to spend around £30 - £40, but will go up to £70 if it's a good deal...
    I'm not a big club dj, so don't need amazing durability or shielding from a 2Kwatt sound system!
    I just need good quality sound and good shielding from my 200watt sound system.
    If anyone knows any good deals, get back to me!


    Have you not seen the Skullcandy deal post from today?…-b/

    Have used them before and they are impressive especially for the money.

    Ive got these seinheiser ones - really comfortable - great quality sound and fantastic bass - Plus they have a sort of effect when you have them on of blocking out the sound around you even though they arent noise reducing - comes with a big jack and the 3.5mm jack…nre

    Heres a review but they are genuinely amazing…/p1
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