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Posted 1st Apr
Hi all, been doing some hiit workouts at home recently with dumbells and have been struggling with "renegade rows" I understand you are not meant to rotate at all during this excercise and brace your core but I'm unsure which side of my abs should be getting the benefit when rowing left and right. I feel like if I row with my right arm whilst the left is extended on the mat, then I feel the burn in my left ab, but shouldn't the burn come from the same side as which you are rowing. It's awkward because my opposite side that I am rowing is braced as my other arm is extended and on the mat. Can anyone help with this?
Which side should you be feeling the burn when rowing??
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I would think you are feeling it on the other side as your body will be fighting the rotation and this force would be stronger on the unsupported side. I would start with nailing the plank and progress to renegade rows with low weights...maintain form, avoid rotation.
Stop all that and try no equipment exercise.

Insanity where no gym equipment required.

I last did it 7 years ago and decided to give it another go. Hard work but 100% worth it!
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