Home extensions- advice please on steel framed extensions vs brick built costs and erection

Posted 18th Oct 2008
Hi Guys, Im after some views on a home extension as its obviously easier than moving in the current financial climate. Our 3 bed house has already been extended by ourselves with a 4m x 6 m side extension, but now we are looking to add another extension to the back in the middle to form a new master bedroom and then turn one of the smaller bedrooms into an en suite.

The new extension will be 5m wide against the house x 3m. So my question is please, Has anyone used a steel frame to build an extension and how do the costs and options compare? I have been told they go onto pad stones so need less excavation of foundations? Its not a huge extension but will be two stories, so would this be an easier option than brick. The other option would be green oak extension, but I think this may the most expensive option.

Many thanks guys for your time and help, regards Els
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why not a timber frame extenion they are the cheapest and the quickest, although blocks are so cheap now and if you get a good brickie it could cost about the same. Timber Frame are a lot warmer though
hahaha... erection
It may be the cheapest and quickest - but would it be the best? I'd certainly shy away from buying a building that was a glorified shed! (Says he with a glorified 4mx3m double glazed shed in his back garden!)
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