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Posted 14th Apr 2011
I am at that time when I have to find yearly home insurance!! Has anyone come across One Call Insurance? If you look on reviews on home insurance companies they are always bad - I think people mainly only write about bad experiences and not good!! Any postive feedback on any home insurance companies would be a real help! Thank you x
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Don't touch this company. I took out home insurance mid August They sent no confirmation that I had taken a policy out with them so presuming it had not gone through I took out one with another company,I then got a confirmation the day the policy was due to start, 5th September . I immediatly called them to cancel but they slapped a massive cancellation fee on me for a policy I did not know existed and which in any case I cancelled the same day as it was taken out It's a scam. I wrote a letter of complaint but they have not even responded and continued to take the money. Beware of these thieves, also it is almost impossible to speak to anyone and when you do they just pass you around from one person to the next. I asked to speak to a manager, they kept me waiting for 30mins before the same advisor came back to me and said to put it in writing. Terrible experience throughout and I have lost £60.00 for no service whatsoever
Don't touch these people. I took out motor insurance with them because they seemed to be very competetive. I have had a letter today saying that because I entered 9 years no claims instead of 8 - my mistake entirely - thay are charging me an extra £92.17 PLUS and admin charge of £55.00, this is well over half as much again on top of my initial premium. I will be complaining to the insurance company - Ageas - about this if I get no satisfaction from One Call. They appear to be a bunch of crooks steer clear!
These clowns are liars , tried to say a claim i had was a non fault claim. The claim was actually notification only, this was confirmed by my previous insurance company. They said they had spoken twice to my previous insurance HSBC which they clearly hadnt, i wish i had never contacted ONE CALL insurance it has cost me around £150 in rip off charges, i STRONGLY ADVISE YOU KEEP CLEAR.

Awful, sneaky company. Watch out for renewal fees hidden away in pages of contract. I cancelled my automatic renewal then renewed on line also with onecall and they insisted on me paying an extra £30. Not known any other company do this. I'd never use them again
They have very confusing & vague policies. When you eventually get through to a staff member, they couldn't be more unhelpful & just quote text from the policy. You get passed around & there's never a manager available. HORRENDOUS!!
Do not go with ONE CALL INSURANCE, i took out a policy with them 3 months ago and had nothing but problems, they kept taking out payments on different dates, the responded to " well if you look at out terms and conditions sir" so i cancelled my policy and they charged me nearly a £1000 because they base it on how long you've been with them. I have disputed the matter and taking it further, They seem to be a low level insurance company who set traps to scam you into pay out huge amounts of fees.
Totally agree with all the negative reviews on this site - Do Not Use Them!!! They do have confusing and vague policies which are all geared to getting more money from you. They're legal (just) but they have automatic renewal (dangerous!), phones they never answer and extortianate cancellation fees (higher than they advertise on their site!). God knows what they'd be like if I had to submit a claim!
Beware!! .............You have been warned
Avoid at all costs! This unprofessional outfit rip you off and it takes 6 months for them to refund if you ever get one poor staff customer service and a dreadful manner rude and they couldn't care less! Keep away!
Worst insurance company I have ever had the misfortune to come across please anyone reading this steer well clear of this lying company that will give you a load of useless information to sell you the policy then rip you off
do not use this company unless you have read re read and read again all the small print, very sneaky ,dont tell you the poor quality of cover until they have your payment details,by which time itsto late, ive been shafted ,to the point i have cancelled this at a cost of £49.00 and used another provider cheats, say you should have read the small orint first
I have just cancelled too at a cost of £49. You just can't trust them, I have went with RAC, they are liars and incompetent have spend a fortune on telephone calls, how can they call themselves One Call!!!!
d-j mitch

I am at that time when I have to find yearly home insurance!! Has … I am at that time when I have to find yearly home insurance!! Has anyone come across One Call Insurance? If you look on reviews on home insurance companies they are always bad - I think people mainly only write about bad experiences and not good!! Any postive feedback on any home insurance companies would be a real help! Thank you x

Do not even think about this mob !! Honestly they are the pits ! I have never came across a more unworthy company to deal with ! I cannot understand how they exist ! Please,Please do NOT get involved with this abomination of a company or whatever they refer to themselves as. WARN everyone you can possibly think of and DEMAND of them not to TOUCH this lot !! They are worse than the DREGS of the earth !!! KEEP WELL CLEAR !! I hope you understand how i feel about this mob !!
d-j mitch

I am at that time when I have to find yearly home insurance!! Has … I am at that time when I have to find yearly home insurance!! Has anyone come across One Call Insurance? If you look on reviews on home insurance companies they are always bad - I think people mainly only write about bad experiences and not good!! Any postive feedback on any home insurance companies would be a real help! Thank you x

Truly the biggest scam artists I've ever come across and their staff, just damn right rude!! No complaint training, truly do not give a S**t . What a bunch of untrained monkeys, no customer service at all, dont care about keeping your business, just out to rip you off.
If you are the proprietor of this company I would take a hard look at all these complaints and get your company into gear as your service is disgusting!
Took out car insurance was told ncd was protected, when l received insurance
Certificate it stated it was not protected, onecall seem to run a scheme that is not recognized by all insurance company's, so cancelled the insurance just one day after taking it out, they now want 57pounds to cancel, what a rip off avoid this tin pot company

I had my car accident and I wanted to make the claim,they kep my on the phone more than 40 minutes and transferred from one department to another and finally to tell me we can not accept the claim .I dont not recommend anyone this company untrue and without a well-tuned system.
Terrible terrible insurance brokers! Do not go near them. If there is a dispute they simply don't enter into any proper correspondence. I am now with Aviva direct and all is well but was ripped off by One Call who were supposed to be acting on behalf of Aviva. PLEASE DO NOT BE TEMPTED INTO ONE CALL BY CHEAP QUOTES as they reap it back in all sorts of sneaky ways!!!
Took out cover through One Call Insurance on Diesel Mondeo in May £330..ok not too bad.
Then bought a bigger caravan and needed bigger car..so got Merc ML270.
Rang told new cover will cost £550 for rest of 7 months cover!!!!!!!
Went on compare mer cat and got cover with Halifax for £420 for 12 months.
So rang to cancel and was told will cost me the sum of £233.57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So policy cost £330 (12 months) and to cancel £233.57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are a disaster, never never again .they will not respond to emails that if you can fine one .....good luck with that one, they want you to call and be number 19 in line so they can make some money from the call. all in all just taking the pxxs really. I can not wait to get to the end of my term and bin them...where they belong. stay well clear
Stay away from One Call robbers. This kind company should be banned for trading. Had home insurance with them had to cancel it after 3 months because I sold my house . They charged me £55 cancellation fee instead £35 which I have been told when I bought my policy. Not professional I don't how are they dealing with people claims.
I made a claim on my house insurance, they made excuse after excuse for a year and never went as far as settling the claim.
I cancelled the insurance and 1 year later I am now fighting their law firm who say I OWE THEM !
They are sending me threatening letters even though they refused to reply to my letters and emails ( re:claim ) or acknowledge the Insurance ombudsman is on the case!
This firm is a scam, but still legal,

One call are an absolute joke. Had home insurance with them for 3 years. Had my renewal through rang them to advise I would be moving house and between me leaving existing house and moving into new house there would be about a 3 week gap, was told this wouldn't be a problem they would just transfer my policy. Rang up to transfer policy to be told they would have to cancel original policy at a cost of £126, Cost for 12 months was only £199 and only had new policy for 1 month. Total rip off will never go near them again
I have never experienced such poor customer service ever anywhere as one call. I took out house insurance with one call and named separately my engagement ring as its value is over £1000 we got a valuation and sent it with the application form saying we wanted it insuring as a named item. The insurance was very competition priced and we did check online reviews the paperwork came through straight away and was processed efficiently. All good so far. Unfortunately I broke the stone in the ring, I have no idea how but it was broken never the less. I rang on several occasions as did my husband to be kept on hold or to be put through to department to department I was told to ring paragon who then said they didn't work with one call and hadn't done for years so back on the phone for another 10 minute recorded message and another 20 minute wait. Twice we were asked what is your registration number and when we said we were calling about house insurance they said " oh we will get someone to call you back"
Eventually I got through to someone some 3 weeks after out initial calls to be told they had no record of me insuring the ring separately and if I didn't know how I broke it then I couldn't claim.!!!
I have now paid for the stone to be replaced myself and will not be using One Call ever agin and will warn anyone I ever speak to about home insurance to stay well away.
They may well be cheap but that is no use if you ever have the misfortune to ever need to claim. I hate to think what we would have done had the house burned down!!!!
Please please please spend a little more money and find a better company than One Call several times a week for long waiting periods with no result.
Avoid, avoid, avoid (_;) Hope this helps
I too took out car insurance with One Call then needed to cancel because of moving abroad. Was charged twice due to them receiving cancellation late and may as well have paid for the whole years insurance for what it cost me. Most frustrated.

Terrible company - Have caused me so much stress for several reasons the customer service team have no people skills or knowledge have spent hours on the phone to them , Have breakdown cover with them they did not come they left me and my young grandaughter stranded 7 miles from home in terrible weather

. I have an on going complaint with them about this and several other issues.

For all the reasons below avoid even tracked down the Managing Directors email, Nik Spingthourpe but no reply from him ether, seems that the lack of service culture and rudeness comes from the top down, so whatever you feel makes no difference at all
I have just cancelled my One Call insurance after being a customer of 2 years. I should really have realized the first time, after being insured for 2 months, they then said there was an issue where I had to pay extra (not knowing I blindly went ahead and paid them). Come a year later, I have just changed house and gotten a new car when the insurance is up for review. Call the renewals team, saying first off I need to change my address and get the same cover for my new car as for my old car. Come 2 weeks later, after receiving a confirmation letter in the post to my new address, I check my polivy and it is still under my old address. Called customer dis-service, was told it will cost me £300 to change the address. When I asked them why I should pay if they did not change the address, I was told it wasn't their fault. When I asked about checking my original call for renewal, I was told i would be charged in order for them to investigate and I MAY get it back if I was proved right. At this point I had completely had enough with this bunch of underhanded theives and told them to cancel my policy immediately. I was then informed it would cost me nearly £100 to cancel the policy (about 1/6th of the cost of the whole policy, which I have held for 2 weeks!). In the end i just agreed as its reached the point where i would rather pay just to have no further dealings with this corrupt company.

First of all One Call phoned me even though I had selected not to be called by the two cheapest quotes on the comparison site.
They then sent me a pin number to log in to my account, so I went to their website and there is no option to log in. So I asked them on their live chat where they told me that they would email me a link. This goes against all the anti phishing advice, where it says that you shouldn't click on links on emails, and that you should go to the official website and click on the login link on there.
I was unhappy about their security and asked how long it would take to get a refund if I cancelled, only to be told it would take up to 8 weeks. This is against distance selling regs.
The conversation went on with her telling me loads of untruths, and refusing to pass me on to a manager.
So I phoned their customer service, got cut off once, then eventually got through. The recording at the start of the call said that i could access my account through their website, but you can't.
I then had another conversation where I was told that it only takes 3 to 7 days to process refunds. But she said that they charge a £49.99 cancellation fee, even during the statutory two weeks cooling off period. this is also against distance selling regulations.
I looked for a quote for car insurance looked very good so clicked through but did not enter licence number of NI, insurance was due 9 days later, after entering the credit card details then came all the extras, so spent 1 hr on phone waiting to get through then 30 mins arguing as even though email stated "intention" to buy they are charging me £50 to cancel it, even though I have not used the insurance as it was staring in 9 days and I already have insurance up to that date. They said they reminded people 3 times before paying of the charge, I never saw it, and that the charge was because they are brokers. They are conmen, awful company will never buy off them again,
Thanks to One Call Insurance Services I…Thanks to One Call Insurance Services I am now uninsurable because they don't listen and act on what they are told. On 03rd June 2017 I cancelled an insurance policy within the 14 day cooling off period. There was a discrepancy on my police as I forgot I had a claim for a windscreen 3 years before. I contacted them via telephone and made it clear I didn't want to be insured with them. They told me the underwriter (premier underwritting) had given me until 09th June 2017 too rectify the details. I cancelled the policy on 03rd June 2017 but because I didn't say too them "CANCEL THIS POLICY FROM NOW" they totally ignored my request and thus placed a cancellation on my insurance history. I am still awaiting the evidence from One Call about the conversation which I am sure I told them I didn't want too proceed with them as my insurer. Later on I took out insurance with another company,ticked the box saying 'I had no policies cancelled, voided etc' and 3 weeks later was told my insurance would be cancelled because of non disclosure. Now 2 cancellations. If I go on comparison sites now for insurance they will accept your deposit or payment but you won't be covered until they speak to you and when there is 2 cancellations which aren't justified at all,they refuse too cover me. I am 52 years old,driven millions of miles,pay my taxes,insurances and now because of some ignoramus I am now uninsurable. One Call won't help,One Call have just been done by the FCA for misconduct and spending clients money so if you read reviews take note.
Shame I cant give a zero!!! Despite having 16 years no claims and providing all proof, d licence, everything, I get a text message and email on a Sunday saying they are cancelling my insurance! Guess what, their office is closed on a Sunday! In 32 years of insuring vehicles, I have never come across such a useless cowboy outfit! I have an email from them saying thanks, youre insured, we have everything we need from you! Im inclined to get confused.com to have them deleted! Have asked them to call me first thing Monday. They had better call 9am on the dot! Avoid like the plague! And hey, One Call, I intend to copy and paste this onto every single review site to warn others!
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