Home Insurance...Too Good To Be True?

    Just had a renewal quote from Nationwide for buildings and contents asking for £716.01...just went through and got a quote from Kwik Fit insurance for £344.32 (includes £20 cashback from it too good to be true?

    My wife is suspect of Kwik Fit as an insurer... your thoughts please...


    i have insured motorbike with them cpl years ago, no probs

    Well currently looking into quotes ourselves but just for contents insurance, I think you will find at the end of the day all these "deals" are underwritten by someone else.

    Like in our case, previously we have been insured by Endleigh Inusrance, but they are just the broker, the insurance itself is Norwich Direct.

    Check the Kwik Fit quote against your Nationwide one, and what each of them covers you for. For example, what is the maximum amount of accidental damage you can claim with each insurer, total value of contents insured etc, legal assistance, etc.

    It sounds like the Kwik Fit one won't cover you for as much as Nationwide, but then you may not need the total value of cover that Nationwide is offering. Then again they may be identical, in which case well done! many claims have you made to get quotes like that. Or are you insuring in Baghdad. lol

    Without knowing too many of the details, it sounds about right. I pay £400 a year including accidental cover. We checked plenty of other insurers and with like for like cover Kwik Fit were significantly cheaper. I'll tell you how good they are next week when they fix my laptop that was damaged by the kids chasing the cat round the house......................................

    thats a fair whack, mines generally around the £200-£250 mark.

    id also look on quidco, loads of them you get £50+ cash back on

    Try some other places if you havent already. They quoted me about the same as you and I got buildings and contents including additional accidental damage from More than for £274

    I used Asda for my contents - it cost £85 with £68 cashback. It was full accidental cover and plenty to cover all my possessions. :thumbsup:

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    answers to questions:
    the quote is like for like so identical to renewal quote
    already looked on quidco and although kwikfit are not listed I am getting £20 cashback from plus the £1 for the quote! The other cashback offers don't come close to the quotes I've had

    i use tescocompare. £178 for building and contents.

    I've just gone with Kwik Fit for my car insurance, so I hope they're good :-D

    However, I was with Nationwide for my home insurance last year and after I had to make a claim, I'd never use them again. I had a £700 laptop and my little lad was sick all over it. Needless to say, it stopped working, so I called and made a claim and they refused to replace it with the same brand. It was a Hp one, I chose Hp because their products have always been reliable for me, and it was a nice looking machine that did everything I wanted it to do, however, Nationwide said all they were required to do was provide me with another laptop that had the same spec, regardless of who makes it. I ended up being sent a Toshiba that sells for £450. I'm never using Nationwide again because it made me panic about what would happen if my house was broken into. I've spent loads getting the exact tv's/dvd player etc that I want and they'd just replace it with cheapy options that have the same specs. Bah :x

    hi try these [url][/url] i did a quote and they saved me over £500 they r good i have my car insurance with them too

    I pay under £200 for 4 bed detached house inc. accidental damage buildings & contents will find out who through

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    just gone for it...we have a 1930's detached 5 bed (loft conversion) house and have contents insured for £75000

    Thanks for all your responses


    lol, thought this was a joke! Got builings only for £83 this year from sainsburys.

    I dont know how people pay so much. We pay £170 (then got £50 quidco, so £120) for unlimited buildings, £50K contents, accidental damage for both £2500 personal possetions out of house. with Natwest
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