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Posted 30th Dec 2019
Hi All, hope everyone had a great xmas! HUKD forums are amazing

I currently have a foscam C2 camera along with the foscam live recording subscription - the camera is OK... but the software really bugs me. I have just seen what the ring pro software looks like for motion tracking and live 'smooth' scroll of events to see frame by frame - this is what i had expected the foscam to do but it doesnt.

Is there anyone out there using a foscam or any other type of camerabut has installed another android application that does snappier review of video recording and other smart useful features? Any tips/tricks out there is much appreciated!

thank you!
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Try TinyCam Pro.
Tried it... Can't get the tiny cam cloud to work... Can anyone technical help?
I get a timeout ( code = 124) RSTP
Dizmo30/12/2019 18:05

I get a timeout ( code = 124) RSTP

Strange. I use it with my Wyze cams and works fine.
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