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Posted 1st Jan
I’m looking to add a cheap Karaoke system in my living room using You Tube for the lyrics etc and was hoping someone could advise on some reasonable kit.

I currently have a surround sound system but understand that putting vocals through this could damage the speakers so was wondering if using a separate speaker for the mics would be better with the music still coming from the surround system, presumably for this setup I would need

2 wireless mics

The other option would be to add a mixer so that the music then also comes out of the speaker but was I am unsure if this would be noticeably better?

If anyone can recommend any kit that would be great
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when i was younger and still lived at home, we had a professional karaoke system. brings back memories, those were the good old days

if you can afford it, then buy an amplifier mixer so the music and vocals come out of the same speakers. this will make it sound like you are singing with the instruments accompanying and not voice over the music. we had a yamaha mixer amplifier.

i would recommend buying professional mics as the vocals sound much better through the professional mics and they don't cost that much.

i would also recommend you buy professional speakers. these can be very expensive but you can get them cheap second hand from sites like gumtree.
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