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home made curry post your recipes

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Thai Red Curry Paste
Onions Red
Double Cream 1 x big tub 1 x meduim
Garlic Puree
Tomato Puree
Red Pepper x 1
Yellow Pepper x 1


Heat oil in a pan – not a high heat just medium.
Dice one onion and put in pan
Dice 1 or 2 peppers and put that into the pan
Cook in pan for about 3 minutes until started to soften
Add half a tube of tomato puree, and ¼ tube of garlic puree, stir it in
Add 2 table spoons of curry paste, 3 if you want it to have a stronger taste and stir it in

Add half your double cream to the pan and stir into the mixture, it should start to take an orangery yellow colour, then let it simmer for about 10 minutes, add more cream accordingly. If it lacks in taste then add more garlic puree. If it is too spicy add some more tomato puree and cream to reduce the flavour.


Beef Suprise.

3oz of beef chunks.
1 tbsp mustard powder
2 cloves of onion
2 dashes of parmesan
7oz chicken breast

Stir the above ingredients in a saucepan over a standard heat until they are ready. Whilst this is happening, boil a pan of flour and salt until brown

Mix the two pans together and add the following ingredients:

400-600 grains of discoloured rice. (All rices should be cooked in standard water)

Place the mixture in an oven for 35-60 minutes on a hot-very hot heat (Gas mark "Brazil" for older kitchens)

Serve on a plate with cutlery.

4 chicken breast diced and sealed in a pan till all white on the outside.
1onion diced.
half a tin of chopped tomatoes.
3/4 of a jar of pataks paste.
1/4 tin of coconut milk.
and half cup of water.
and then cooked in the slow cooker for 7 hours.
i couldnt be bothered to do a curry from scratch starting with all the herbs and spices.i find this very nice so why spend a complete fortune doing it from scratch.

masala spice, water, msg!

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[SIZE=6]AUTHENTIC INIDAN CURRY STOCK (what the restaurants use as the base for all curries).

[/SIZE] CURRY SAUCE RECIPE – For approximately 8 servings

Prep & cooking time – 1hr 30m
Stage 1 & 2
2lb (900g) cooking onions
2oz (50g) green ginger
2oz (50g) garlic
2.75 pt (1L 570ml) water
1tsp salt
Stage 3
1 tin (9oz/225g) tomatoes
8tblsp veg oil
1tsp tomato puree
1tsp turmeric
1tsp paprika

Stage 1
1.Peel & rinse onions, ginger & garlic.
2.Slice onions and roughly chop ginger & garlic
3.Blend ginger & garlic with 0.5pt (275ml) water
4.Put blended ginger & garlic, the onions and remainder of water into large pan
5.Add the salt and bring to the boil, then simmer on low with lid on for 40-45 minutes
6.Leave to cool

Stage 2
1.Once cooled, pour half the mixture into a blender and blend until absolutely smooth
2.Pour blended mixture into a clean pan or bowl and repeat step 1 with the other half of the mixture
3.Freezing recommended at this stage

Stage 3
1.Blend tomatoes until smooth
2.In a clean saucepan, put oil, tom puree, turmeric & paprika
3.Add blended tomatoes and bring to the boil
4.Turn down the heat and simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally
5.Now add the onion mixture and return to simmer
6.Skim off froth that forms and keep simmering for another 20 minutes, removing froth and stirring occasionally
7.Use immediately or cool & refrigerate for up to 4 days.
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