Home made Gadget Project Thread

    So, got any links to really cool home made gadgets that you can make yourself?

    I'll start us off with a few that I'm gonna try over the forthcoming months.


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    Head tracking with a wiimote, I've already done this one. It's quite good, but not quite as realistic in real life as it looks on the camera. This is because you have 2 eyes where the camera only have one lens so the illusion is far better viewed through a camera.

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    Tracking fingers with a wiimote, not tried this yet but looks cool. Can't think of any specific uses for me tho.

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    This is probably my favourite one, a low cost touch screen solution using the wiimote. Just need to get an infrared pen and I'm away. They seem to be available for about £7-£10 now which seems reasonable, let me know if you find cheaper!!

    Ohhhh is this like Tomorrows World !

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    Using the tilt senors of the wiimote you can use a spring horse (or similar device) to control racing games. I think I'm going to adapt it tho so you just tilt left/right and use a throttle on handlebars for more realism.

    Not so much a gadget, however im planning on building my own desk, i think ive got the dimensions approximatly down, However im not entirely sure what to go for in terms of legs! I even have the bits and bobs planned out for the walls etc!

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    Not had time to watch all this one yet, but looks pretty cool.

    You should have called this "Hacking a wii mote thread"

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    ]Home made Rocket Launcher Now that is cool! lol \m/

    That is brilliant, repped!


    That is brilliant, repped!

    Cheers dude.

    ]Endless options

    I like the egg peeler. lol


    Ohhhh is this like Tomorrows World !…jKw

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    Seems interesting, home made solar heater to heat your house.

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    Same sort of idea as the home solar heater but for your pool.

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    You'd like ] then :thumbsup:

    Feel free to point out some really good ones mate.


    Feel free to point out some really good ones mate.

    Depends on your style really, I use them for ideas then adapt to what I have.

    Just made a nice boom box for mp3 players myself that pumps out decent volume.:thumbsup:

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    Use your wiimote as a mouse for the pc.

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    Loads of 3d effects etc for Windows.

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    Teamplayer, great software to give you 2 mouse cursors.

    Have a look on here there is some good hacks & projects -


    Have a look on YouTube for a potato cannon
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