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    I'm looking to buy a home multigym for about the £200-300 mark.
    I've shelled out enough to my local gym and their latest annual bill of £270 is the straw that broke this camel's back.
    Can anyone advise on a) a good deal, and b) the best brand to go for?
    Thanking you good folk in advance,



    argos has got some great offers on now!
    hope this helps u

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    Thanks... noticed a new Argos offer posted on a rowing machine...

    York equipment seems to be quite good-i've had no problems! Also seems to be quite price friendly!
    Argos stock a fair selection of it (as mentioned above).
    Just make sure it has sufficient weights on it as you usually cannot increase the maximum weight once you can lift the max.
    Failing that-a good incline/decline bench and a selection of dumbell/freeweights will work just as well-just means you have to research how to do the exercises properly! Will also take up a lot less space!
    Hope this heps.

    £270 for a year of gym membership is the cheapest ive ever heard of!? Less that £23 per month..the cheap ones in my ares are £26, the nice ones more like £50-60!
    But for a multigym, i would say go secondhand. Alot of people buy them, rarely use them and then get rid of them. Ive seen them go for £50, £100 for better ones on ebay. But also local free ads and stuff are good.
    On brand, i really dont think it matters...the actual motions are pretty much identical on every one, and theres little chance of them breaking as they're just simple, solid objects...

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    Hmm - £270 in the context of it being £180 this time last year. :-D


    Hmm - £270 in the context of it being £180 this time last year. :-D


    £270 is a very good price, even if it has gone up a fair amount. Is it well equipped? 'cos if so you should post the details on here as a hot deal.
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