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    Computer Geeks / IT Nerds - I am in need of your assistance please.

    I have 2 computers - a Desktop and a Laptop and they both run through my Sky Netgear Router to get on the internet. the Desktop is on connected via Ethernet, and the Laptop is via Wireless.

    I have tried to create a home network, but this is not working. I have also tried to add a Printer on but to no avail.

    I thought I have done it correctly, and set up a Network called 'Home'. On my Laptop I could see the Desktop but could not access it. On the Desktop, I could see nothing!

    Can you help / give me step by step instructions please?

    Thanks in advance.




    What operating systems are on each ?

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    Laptop is XP. Desktop is MCE

    This is a bit of a tricky one Nat which is probably the reason for the lack of replies...

    I've not got any experience with netgear routers so the advice I can offer is limited I'm afraid.

    Is the home network setup managed by the router or did you use the network setup wizard in XP? It sounds like a permissions issue if you can view the other devices but can't do anything with them.

    I would delete the network and start from scratch making sure you follow any instructions you have exactly.

    It would probably help if you post what steps you took to set the network up...


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    I did use the Wizard, but am gonna start again I think lol!

    Will let you know how I get on!

    I think it's probably best to just to start from scratch.

    I've never bothered with the XP network wizard. You can find some more information below.


    It's also worth switching all your devices off & then back on again - sometimes the changes won't take effect for a while, so rebooting forces the issue.

    If you can see other devices but can't access them it's usually becaue of IP address problems. Make sure that the desktop & laptop are on the same network as the router & that the router is allocating IP addresses.

    (You can check IP addresses on your PC/laptop by typing into a DOS window: ipconfig)

    The first 3 sets of numbers in the IP Address should all be the same (e.g. 192.168.0.xx). The subnet mask should be the same for all devices.

    oh dear, i was hoping to do this myself, doesn't look quite so easy!!!


    oh dear, i was hoping to do this myself, doesn't look quite so easy!!!

    It can be fairly simple. I'm no expert but I've set up my own wireless network in the house, including my two desktops, laptop, xbox 360, wii and psp.

    Once your main pc is setup, any other gadget will search for the wireless network and all you have to do is make sure you enter the correct network key into each one (if your network is encryted).

    On the pc/laptop you can choose what files/folders you want to share over your network using the "sharing and security" option. Simply right click on your chosen folder, then select "sharing and security . . . ". This will bring up a window with further options which are self explanatory.

    The same goes for the printer, as long as its hard wired to your pc.

    I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!!
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