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Posted 15th Jul
I'm hoping there are a few knowledgeable people hear who might be able to help me with my home network.

I want to move my adsl modem router to the telephone socket nearest my front door as I believe this is the master phone socket.

The issue I have is that all of my ethernet cables run from the existing modem location so I'll need to put a switch in to replace it. However, I already have unmanaged switches in my network (D-Link DGS-1008D) and the last time I tried to daisy chain them it just wouldn't work beyond the first switch. Do I need to invest in managed switches to get this to work? If so, how would I go about configuring them?

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You should just be able to link them together
I have 3 Netgear unmanaged switches, 2x 5 port, 1x 8 in my network and it works without any issue at all. Are you sure all the cables you are using are sound with no damage etc?
Daaaavvveee15/07/2020 07:37

You should just be able to link them together

Yes you should be able too.

I have an eight port unmanaged switch connected to my router/modem (right next to the router/modem).

A sixteen port unmanaged switch (AV setup/Gaming consoles) and a five port unmanaged switch (printers) are both connected to the eight port and all work flawlessly.
It should work. I have the modem/router, hooked up to a 8port managed Poe switch going to access points and another switch. I remember when I was younger the uplink between switches needed to be on a set port and maybe have a crossover cable. It was some time ago so can't remember 100%. Might be having a quick check of your manual to see if it mentions anything
As others have said your setup should work and wouldn't need managed switches. The advantage of managed switches is to allow to change settings individually on each port which allow you to configure features such as VLANs which are useful on large, complex networks since they allow the network to be split into smaller groups and avoid excessive broadcast traffic across the entire network.
As others said it should just work. Maybe you had a loop when daisy chained before?
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