Posted 9th Jan 2023 (Posted 10 h, 13 m ago)
Hi All, looking into getting a 2nd monitor for work to go along side current, but would like something I can use for PS5 gaming.
I've looked on the latest deals but comments from various users negatively affect my decision making, as they either so it's not good enough for this or not good enough for that so looking for a little advice if possible.

From reading I believe something with at least 120hz and 1ms with 2.1HDMI is required?

Can anyone point me in the direction of monitor's that would suit? Budget is around £200 or less if possible.

Thanks in advance
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    There is no way you will get HDMI 2.1 120hz for £200
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    Everything on the market will be good enough for work and enjoyable gaming, it sounds like you've been listing to enthusiasts trying to get the best picture quality they can regardless of how small the improvement is. (edited)
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    Lower your expectations or raise the budget, you aren't getting a monitor doing that for £200 as stated.
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    Fair guys - Yes l am probably reading too much into peoples ideal specs.

    I’ll have a look for something else
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