Home PC deal wanted - under £250

    Hi. Im looking for a good spec home PC (or laptop) for a teenagers Christmas present.
    He plays games, so it would need a decent graphics card , a good processor and at least 2gig of memory.
    He doesnt require a monitor as the one he has already is OK.

    It would be a bonus if the PC came with a MS office type progamme (so he could do his homework as well).

    My budget is £250


    This Dell offer was posted here a few days ago and is still available.…-x/

    Here it is on the Dell site…757

    The initial price is £259 but scroll down and remove the monitor and it drops to £167 (before VAT and delivery is added). This is just for the system unit, keyboard and mouse.

    Add it to basket and it comes to £225.

    It has a fairly decent CPU (not great but OK), 2GB of memory, 250Gb hard drive, and Vista Business.

    Graphics card is only "on board" but you can add a HD2400 for £40. Or you can buy a graphics card and add it later. I am not sure you are going to get a great graphics card in a PC costing £250. Remember that some gaming experts can pay £250 JUST for a graphics card.

    It comes with Microsoft Works, which is a "basic" office system, or you can download Open office for free, or buy Microsoft Office Home and student edition for about £60.

    Get Open Office from here -

    More about Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition - once you buy it you can put it on 3 PCs -…8-1

    With regards to the graphics card, a 4670, 9600GT or 3850 would be good bets if you can find them on your budget but I'm not sure you will and I don't know how the cards below stack up, although the HD2400 should probably be avoided as it's rather old now.

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    Thanks for your help.
    In the end I got a Slimline Vostro from the Dell Outlet center. It has a 256 graphics card and 3gb memory.
    All for about £250. incl free delivery.
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