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    Hi first post, please be kind! . In a bit of a dilema. Have currently BT landline ith weekend call plan, £10;27 per month. Mobile phone with orange did have free broadband package. Husband bought me an iphone with o2 for christmas, so now we need to change our broadband provider. If i stay with Orange it will be £12 a month i think, totalling £22.27 for phone and broadband. So thinking can get cheaper. Looked at talk talk but changed mind after reading so many bad reviews. Other problem is we may be moving within next 12 months.. So does anyone know of the best way for me to do this without incurring silly charges if we move house.. O2 do a broadband for £7.34, but no home phone, so would be £18 ish... Must be better option????


    Are you still on Orange Mobile Contract? if true, you might be better with the Orange broadband and home phone package with no need to pay BT line rental for £15 a month.

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    No, stopped phone contract and switched to o2 with my iPhone :roll:

    might as well just go for O2 broadband and retain your Bt line rental for £18ish
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