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    Can someone help me with a little problem I have with my landline phones?

    I currently have a 2 handsets with bases (not sure of make/model). The main base is plugged into the BT phone socket in my living room and th eother handset/base is in my bedroom but doesnt need to be plugged into a BT socket.

    My problem is that I cant transfer calls between the handsets, e.g if I answer a call on the living room handset and wants the Mrs to pick it up in the bedroom, I cant simply get her to pick up the handset and me to drop the call and the call transfers over to it.

    Is this a feature only certain handsets have and if so what is that feature called so I can purchase the correct phone in the future.

    Thanks in Advance


    I think they both need to be pluged into a socket. I have the same prob with mine but I have no socket in my bedroom.

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    The thing is there is no socket on the 2nd base in the bedroom.

    Although I do have a BT socket in the bedroom....DOH


    I have a BT synergy set of phones - 1 base and 2 cordless handsets that sit in chargers. its not the latest model but you can transfer calls between all 3 handsets - they are allocated a handset number and you transfer the call to the relevant handset number, so other cordless phones must have the same facility

    It's got nothing to do with having to be both plugged into BT sockets.
    I have 3 handsets, only 1 is plugged into the BT socket. I can transfer calls between all 3 handsets (BT something or other).

    Would have thought if the handsets are the same "family" then it would be possible to tranfer calls between them fine.


    yep, same with mine, only have 1 BT line plugged in on the base unit. You just press the 'INT' button & the handset number to transfer to one of the cordless handsets.

    * update : Just had a quick glance at Argos website and the first two branded phones I clicked on both have 'call transfer' facility listed under their details eg…975…338

    so it does seem to be a common feature on the newer DECT phones

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    Thanks for the help guys, will try the INT button tonight...

    I think the thing is, with some phones you can just 'pickup' another handset and have the call on both handsets, then hangup the original and the call is effectively transferred, whereas on other sets you actually have to physically push buttons to transfer the call from one handset to the other.
    I know my set is of the first type, but does also have a 'privacy mode' where picking up another extension doesn't automatically allow someone else to hear your call.
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