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Found 8th Feb 2009
I need to get a home printer for personal and business stuff.

The volume will be low - just a few pages a week. It would be useful if it could copy too, but it is not essential.

And it needs to be small, as I have very little space - it will live in a cupboard and come out to print then go back in there.

Any suggestions of make/model/deal?

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PcWorld are stll having a sale, I noticed a Hp printer,scanner, copier there last week for under £30, cannot remember all the details sorry, if you get a wireless network print server thingy (tecky term)you can keep the printer in the cupboard out of the way and print whenever you like, just remember to leave space in the cupboard for the paper to come out or it will jam(speaks from experience.)
BTW The one I saw was about as big as a bread bin.:thumbsup:

You will be better off going in store rather than online as the PcWorls sale has been oranised chaous and the online prices are not always correct once you get to the till.
Go for a HP or canon (I think they were Which mag's best value)
Found the HP to be quite & quick with good results. Also you can use other (non HP) inks without too much problem as the HP cartridge has it's ink head built in :thumbsup: so everytime you change a cartridge you get a new printhead as well .... Great if you don't use the printer much as sometimes the ink dries into the print heads. :-(

Should be able to get an HP All in One (scanner,printer etc) for around £50 There's some which are only just bigger than a sheet of A4.. Non HP inks around £10 - £15 complete set.
Argos has a 3 in 1 Canon printer piled up in their stores for £29 to support the new catalogue launch
Try the Canon refurb store on ebay. I picked a multi function printer/scanner/copier for £18.
Less than the price of the ink cartridges which were included.
If your interested I have a brand new CANON PIXMA MP460 ,brand new ,never been out of the box . It looks a nice little thing with a screen , it scans to apparantly .I was told it dosen't come with ink cartidges ,so price them first if your interested .I'll let it go for £25 plus P&P .It's just taking up room here .
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