Home protection, advice needed

Posted 19th Nov 2020
I don’t live In a terrible area, and for the most part my time (8yrs) in my house has been problem free. But twice in the past three months some ars*hole has thrown a rock/pebble at my lounge window.
Luckily on both occasions the window has remained intact. Just wondering how people would go about tackling this problem and what they would do.
There isn’t much in the way of a front garden and the pavement going past the house is only separated by a low brickwall on the front boundary and a meter of ground leading up to the house.
On both occasions I’ve gone outside to investigate and heard footsteps running away.
It’s only two occasions that I’m aware of (who knows how many times stuff has been chucked at window whilst I’m out)
I don’t know how strong d/g windows are against rocks.
What would you do??
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