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Posted 27th Nov 2020
morning everyone,

looking for some advice regarding home security.

there have been a spate of break ins in the area and I want to secure the home or at least make it less desirable to break in vs those around me.

we have a dog, albeit a small one, but she will happily make a racket if she hears something (foxes for example) in the night and will wake me up to investigate.

however we don't have an alarm, doorbell camera, floodlight or CCTV.

my thoughts were to get the following:

video doorbell - possibly Eufy
alarm system - possibly Yale
floodlight - unknown at this point

I know nest do a well reviewed range but ideally don't want to have to pay subscription for everything although if it's the best then I will.

any suggestions from people on what to go for or what they have experience with?

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