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Found 9th Feb 2018
I'm after a new home phone that's cordless that has alot of space to block nuisance callers.
I've seen some that only have upto 20 numbers to block.
I don't feel that's enough!

Anybody know of any that has more and to link it below please?

Thanks in advance
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Click The Panasonic ones don't have a limit on them .
These block up to 1000 numbers ligo.co.uk/bt-…500 But you need caller display enabled ,
I use the CPR call blocker and i find it very very good at blocking numbers, but this still needs caller display to be enabled on your phone.
Hi @dbzitb I've got the BT8500 Quad telephones - some further info here



Can block 1000 individual numbers & has a 200 Name & Number directory. There is a newer model out too - I find that you don't need to add the blocked numbers individually in most cases as you can set it up to block specific groups eg International / Withheld etc.
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Someone mentioned Ligo. It's worth while calling them. They really know what they are talking about AND they are usually cheap
If you're with BT you can get Call Protect which works on the exchange side so will work with any handset.
I have BT ones worth every penny !
Have a look at truecall . It works for me.The new BT phones include truecall while the separate truecall unit provides a more comprehensive solution.
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