Home Theatre (Which One?)

    Hi guys

    Need a bit of help here.. I have (TV with one HDMI socket, PS3 and 360)

    1. how can I connect both PS3 and 360 using HDMI? Splitter? Which one
    2. I want to buy a home theatre that works with my PS3, 360 and TV all in one setup so I dont have to change wires or sockets everytime.. How can this be done.
    3. And the BIG QUESTION is "Which home theatre speakers should I buy"



    you have same question as what i was going to post

    budget 100

    budget 150

    my tv lg 42 42lh3000

    360 via componet
    ps3 via hdmi
    sky box linked threw philips dvd recorder hard driver player thats in scart switch box connected to av1

    dvd / bluray via ps3. avi/xvid/divx via philipds dvd player via usb

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    ya same here...

    Budget 100
    Budget 150
    Budget 200

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    Also can I also mention that I am not too fussed about the DVD player. If I can get a set of speakers that do the same thing I will be more than happy.


    biggest question is what brand is your TV?

    If it's sony then get a sony and it'll pull the sound direct from your TV down the HDMI
    if it's samsung then get a samsung wth anynet+ enabled and it'll do the same thing


    I have a Sony DAV-DZ680 and it's truly amazing, watching Apolo 13 when the shuttle launches you actually feel like your there...

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    sadly I have a BEKO 32"



    sadly I have a BEKO 32"

    Ah, I see why you want a sound system then, beko speakers are dreadfull. If I were you I'd go for something with several HDMI inputs, no point having DVD with PS3/Xbox...

    For good quality but bidget I'd go LG or VC as they seem to have some cracking prices, bu if your picky with sound then go Sony...The one I bought was £250 and worth every penny

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    ya sound is horrible but otherwise its a good tv for £199

    could you suggest some model names (without the DVD) that will work with my tv and consoles? around £150


    Well for £100 this is a bargain (although it's via ebay), if you look at their feedback and the links they've sold 100's of em ... item no 270469092800

    £180 everywhere elese

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    cheers man... I am going to get it now
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