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I recently bought a shower enclosure + tray off display at a discounted price of 90 pounds. I was told that once the workmen come instore to take off the shower enclosures i would get a phone call to say that it is ready for collection.

After waiting a week for the phonecall i decided to give HOMEBASE, seven kings a call to find out what is happening. To my surprise they told me that the shower enclosure has been sold. I thought it was me that they sold it to , but found out they sold it to someone else after selling it to me.

I said to them i have a receipt to proove you have sold the item to me before selling it again, but they said because of a technical error they have sold it to another man and he has already come and picked it up.

I said surely you can give me a replacement as i was not the one to make this error. The store manager refused and told me he could not do anything and i should not raise my voice. I had every reason to be angry and upset as i wasted time and effort, money to go to homebase and make this order.
I said homebase is a big company surely you can get a replacement from another store, but he only offered me a refund of 90 pounds.

I am disgusted and saddened of this practise and treatment by homebase. What can i do? and what are my consumer rights? Can anyone please give me some advice.

I have a receipt and photographic evidence of the shower enclosure i was going to buy.

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you should definatly persue it imo, its there mistake.
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