Found 3rd Apr 2007
I recently bought a shower enclosure + tray off display at a discounted price of 90 pounds. I was told that once the workmen come instore to take off the shower enclosures i would get a phone call to say that it is ready for collection.

After waiting a week for the phonecall i decided to give HOMEBASE, seven kings a call to find out what is happening. To my surprise they told me that the shower enclosure has been sold. I thought it was me that they sold it to , but found out they sold it to someone else after selling it to me.

I said to them i have a receipt to proove you have sold the item to me before selling it again, but they said because of a technical error they have sold it to another man and he has already come and picked it up.

I said surely you can give me a replacement as i was not the one to make this error. The store manager refused and told me he could not do anything and i should not raise my voice. I had every reason to be angry and upset as i wasted time and effort, money to go to homebase and make this order.
I said homebase is a big company surely you can get a replacement from another store, but he only offered me a refund of 90 pounds.

I am disgusted and saddened of this practise and treatment by homebase. What can i do? and what are my consumer rights? Can anyone please give me some advice.

I have a receipt and photographic evidence of the shower enclosure i was going to buy


well i would have thought they have to supply you with a shower, as they have already accepted payment. im sure someone here will advise of your best option though

Mmmm the problem that i see is that they agreed to supply shower tray type x,and as this is no longer available they have offered you a full refund.I do not think you are entitled to another type of shower tray at the same price.

Whilst it would be in the interests of good customer service to try and source you another of the same type(if available and feasible) or offer you something else for the same price,the fact that you sound as if you lost your cool(as understandable as this is) it did not endear them to your plight.I sort of understand this,as having worked in retail myself,mistakes do happen and you are much more likely to help someone who is not shouting the odds as someone who is(it's human nature,I suppose).

The only course of action I could suggest,if your wish is to get a shower tray at the price you paid,is to contact their head office and explain what has happened,and see if they can do something.

If i felt that disgruntled with the service though,I would take back my money and give someone else my business!

Never ever raise your voice when making a complaint - it seldom gets you anywhere. Think about how you would react in your job if someone did that to you - human nature is to think " **** you matey ".

I agree about letter writing to head office as looks as if you may might have lost any chance of a goodwill gesture.

Other option (& I know it might stick in your throat a bit so please dont shout at me) would be to speak to the store manager again apologising for shouting but that you "had a particularly bad day, cat had diarrhoea type of thing, & the hombase mistake was the icing on the cake".

Explain you still feel hard done by & are considering a letter to head office but would rather come to an amicable agreement.

You will almost always get more in these kind of circumstances if you stay on the right side of assertive.

Good luck :-)
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