Found 23rd May 2011
As you know, there have been has a lot of deals placed recently concerning home plugs. I myself posted a deal which gained a fair bit of heat, posted because I am pretty interested in these things.

Anyway, I had bought a pair of TP-Link PA211.
On recommendation, a friend had bought the 7day shop 200Mbps ones. Another friend had also bought the Asus PL-X32 200MBPS, just because he saw them in Maplins and had use for them.
We tested them all together in different configurations involving one plugged into the router, one plugged into a gigabit switch downstairs (laptop, desktop, netbook) and another into a gigabit switch upstairs (TV, laptop, Ps3). We did various things (torrent downloads, media streams, ps3 online gaming, iplayer) whilst judging general performance and monitoring the utility software provided by Asus and TP-link.

First and foremost, ALL worked perfectly with one another, which was the main focus of the test (1.1 AV) as that pesky third plug might be hard to get. However, whatever we tried the Asus out performed the other in terms of Mbps (constantly getting about 130-140 and higher when they were the only plugs in use). Speeds dropped markedly using the others, alone or in combination. They also remained much cooler to touch. Would not bother posting the Asus as a 'Deal' as they are a few quid more, so would be dismissed/slaughtered. This is just an observation.

Hope this is of use to someone, if at least for checking compatibility between brands.

Homepugs are the way to go!

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Thanks for this, well worth a read.

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What exactly would bottle-neck you though?

"100/200" units are fine if you want to stream or do stuff online, but if you want to copy or move data, clearly the "1000" units will be better

Can a basic 7dayshop 200mbps powerline adapter handle 1080p streaming from my PC to the PS3?

I still much prefer hard wired. Generally it's possible anywhere you just have to do a bit of work.

I spent about £30 on cables/terminals etc. and put a network point in most rooms in my house. Transfering large files around is so much quicker.

To be fair though I did only try 85mbps homeplugs, they were pretty awful for what I wanted them for
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