Found 25th Feb 2009
So i'm looking at getting a twin pack of homeplugs to connect my laptop (currently using wireless) and xbox 360 to my router.

I've been looking around for a while now but i don't know which ones to buy, at a budget of around £60, can somebody give me a hand?

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if you want to use it to stream HD movies then go ahead and get the 200mpbs homeplugs. To be honest all the manufacturers are the same. However there a few nice ones (and cheap) available at

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Ok thanks, i don't understand the HD video streaming though, how would i do this?

You can stream video from your pc to your Xbox through your home network and this would work better with 200mbps homeplugs,If all you want to do is connect your xbox to the internet for online gaming then 85mbps or even 14mbps is plenty fast enough,

I use the homeplugs that come free with BT Vision hardware. You can buy the BT Vision recorder and homeplugs for less than £60 direct from BT if you have BT Broadband without any subscription package (great price for the recorder alone imo) 200mbps btw

The reason why I said 200mbps are better for HD streaming is because although it states you get 85mbps with the first version, you dont really get 85mpbs. Do remember you will need more than one to use it!
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