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Found 7th Feb
Hi all,

I understand the benefit of 2 port homeplugs on the device side(e.g tv/PS4 etc). Are there any benefits of having two connections at the router side? I.e 2 router(at modem) ports are connected to the two ports on the homeplug.

Just to clarify- I am talking about 1 homeplug with 2 ports rather than 2 home plugs with single ports.

Currently have
Modem- single port homeplug- other single homeplug connections all around the house

modem- dual port homeplug - other single/dual homeplug connections all around the house.

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Hi, I have used this setup ie multiple ports at the router end - advantage is not losing a port at that end. So I have router with 3 devices plugged into it plus my homeplug, leaving a spare port on the homeplug itself for a 4th device. Works perfectly for my setup (Devolo) then a couple of other homeplugs around the house where needed. If you don't need the extra port at the router end then I wouldn't bother changing but it won't do any harm if you do.
Hope that helps!
Thanks for the info!
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