Homeworking Network - Has anyone done work for them?

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Found 18th Oct 2008
Got a letter today from them for typing up stuff and packing/writing addresses on envelopes.

Is it legit?

They say you need to pay a membership fee of 10 pounds which you get refunded with your first pay. They pay 1.10 per envelope and 6 to 8 pounds per page (for typing). They also pay for the ink when you need to print stuff.

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Is this one of those things where you pay for materials and they pay you to assemble?

Well known scam.

Every time you send off the completed item they claim it is not up to standard then expect you to pay for more for more materials to try again. So for every quids worth of paper they get a tenner.

scambusters.org/wor…tmlnumero uno

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Nope you don´t pay for the materials at all.
They deliver it all and pick it up every 5 days...plus they pay you when they collect it and drop off the next load.

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Anyone else? :-)


its a scam, no person would pay £1-10 for someone to type an envelope anyway


its a scam, no person would pay £1-10 for someone to type an envelope … its a scam, no person would pay £1-10 for someone to type an envelope anyway

Agreed , you could type a hundred an hour, everyone and his dog would be doing it already. Also how do they supply you with the address to type onto the envelope? if its already on a bit of paper typed out then it must be on a database so they could just print an envelope themselves, doesnt make sense

Any job that asks you to pay them to work for them is a scam way to make money, i would avoid it, plus there is no real way to see if you are getting the money back from them, there are some ligit companys that do this but usually dont ask for money in advance. They could take you're money and you may not hear from them again

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Just looked up the address online, turns out its the address of a news agents called Manani Bros.


The way I see it, it has to either be these guys running the scam or someone they know cuz the address to send the cheque to is that one.

Interestly the postcode given from the link is E14 3PQ and yet I have a flyer stating the same address but the postcode E14 3NG curious?

I too had a letter/card from them. I was interested because I'm out of work and the rate of pay seemed good - you could apparently make a fair bit of cash if you put in 30 hours or more. However, if you follow the link to londononline as shown by tanya space a couple of messages ago, then there is a further link at the bottom of that page. This link shows you all the businesses in Castalia Street and nowhere does Home Working Network appear. Has anyone phoned the telephone number 0207 5441408 to check who answers?

defo scam, tru say.

Trading Standards suggest that it is a legitimate company formed in Ocober 2008. The company registration no is 06713934. The address is not 3, but 23 Castalia Street. The flyer must have a printing error. This does not mean the work is legitimate. They also suggest checking for advice at the National Group of Homeworking on 0800 174095 (between the hours of 10:00 to 12:30 and 13:00 to 15:30) before undertaking any such work. I have not done so yet.
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