Honda Apprenticeship

    I have had an interview for Honda for a vehicle technician and I have passed that, but I have got an assessment day from 9-2 and I am not sure what's involved. It says on the letter, day includes talking about qualifications with Honda,the programme and possible other routes in Honda.

    Has anyone done a Honda apprenticeship?



    will you get to do the F1 some day??

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    Don't know. They pulled out of this season because of the recession.

    probably alot of theory on fixing accelerator pedals.

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    probably alot of theory on fixing accelerator pedals.

    I think you would find that it is toyota :thumbsup:

    Alright kiwinator! I'm in a similar situation mate, got an assessment day so I was just wondering if you could let me know what sort of thing to expect. How'd it go for you mate?


    Hi kiwinator, could please tell me how the interview was and if you sat of any kind of tests? Also, how is the course? Are you still on it? Thank you
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