Honda Civic Issue with Master Cylinder and Squeaky Clutch

Posted 10th Jul 2012

Wondering if anyone can give me any advice!!

I bought a Honda Civic from a dealership which was a year old (2010 SI). When I went on the test drive I noticed a slight squeak on the clutch pedal. I liked the car and was informed by the salesman this would be sorted when I bought the vehicle.
When I purchased the vehicle the squeak was still there so took it back and they replaced the master cylinder.
I have now taken the car back 4 times for the same issue and each time they replaced the same part each time, the last two being modified parts so Honda obviously know there is an issue.
I have now booked this in for the fifth time with the same issue. It is currently still covered by warranty until the end of the year.
Is there anything I can do with regards to -
If I was informed of a problem with the clutch I would not have bought the car and if this still continues past my warranty period should I be able to get the dealer to continue to replace this part?

Would you complain to the dealership or Honda.....just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?

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When the master cylinder is replaced, does it cure the squeek and if so, how long for?
Yeah the squeaks stops, it comes back roughly about 5 months after its been changed.
Its the slave cylinder that makes this sound if so does it only happen if your at a certain bite point with the clutch?

This can happen if the clutch is being ridden slightly, your foot on the clutch, only takes a few cm on the pedal to do this

It causes massive wear on the clutch plate
The flywheel will turn blue
And then Csc bearing will start squealing at a certain bite point
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You would need to put it in writing that since this has been an inherent fault without a long term solution (despite modified parts being fitted), you would expect any further replacements beyond the warranty expiry to be met by the dealer (your contract lies with them). This should be copied to Honda UK asking for their input into this saga. I would also try to get a free service out of them for the inconvenience.
It happens where soon as I press the clutch and when I press it all the way down. Not sure what a slave cylinder is as not clued up on vehicles apart from changing oil and tyres!!

Good suggestion. I will put it in writing and see what happens..

Same thing too had squeak very loud when I got my car ,replaced clutch master cylinder. And past few months it's back need to get fixed before. Warranty runs out. Damn Honda
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Join the community at for info on this and a great deal of info, help and a great forum.

I have a 2006 1.8 EX
I will check that forum out...thanks for the info!
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