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Found 11th Dec 2008
Hey...hope someone can help me here, my Mum drives a Honda Jazz, not entirely sure of the exact spec of it, not sure if it matters, anyhow, I wanted to get her a CD player for xmas, although after going to Honda for a quote I'm thinking otherwise... They quoted me over £700 to put one in, her dashboard thing is one piece (i.e there is no area to take out to put a standard CD player in).
So....after all this my question is.....can anyone suggest a way round this. I have heard of people putting CD multi changers in the boot??? Would this be possible or am I completely wrong? and if I am right can anyone suggest a decent one and how they are fitted???
If that will not work, I wondered what people's opinion of them things that you put in MP3 players and they send out the songs as a radio signal.

Basically any advice would be very much appreciated, rep will be added, and thanks in advance
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I would be very shocked if honda did interior so you cannot change the stereo to a std one.. but I shall come up with an answer in a few mins.

Edit: Just a quick search -


found in this forum thread:

I think the faceplates (the replacement plastic panel) can be bought from ebay or aftermarket car parts places. Then get Halford to install with instructions if you cant find anyone to help you install it :). I'd say the faceplate is about £30, fitting..30mins-1hr (charge from halfords) then buy a stereo of your choice.
single din = your bog standard stereo's you see in halfords/most other cars
double din = twice the size, usually is a touch screen dvd/mp3/etcetc player (normally kenwood make these at a semi respectable price (£300-400+)
thanks inquisitor, i think thats helpful ill have a look......taa

[SIZE="2"]Would this … [SIZE="2"]Would this do?[/SIZE]http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/294967/sony-mex-bt3600u-usb-bluetooth-car-/

...Im not sure I dont know if it would fit into the facia of the jazz with it been in one piece...ill try find out more tho

you need one of these, (full link above on 1st post). I dont know the year/model of your jazz so i cant attempt to find one for you on fleabay...

Also forgot to mention, you might need a 'power lead adaptor' for the new stereo (depending on stereo and car). This is basically changing from the original power socket of the Honda Jazz to the socket format of your stereo (generally stereo side is univeral and your car side is specific). Again ebay/halfords do it for around £5-7, if you go in halfords they'll know what your talking about when you say:
"i want to put one of these stereos into my car, but has no correct power lead"

[SIZE="2"]Would this … [SIZE="2"]Would this do?[/SIZE]http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/294967/sony-mex-bt3600u-usb-bluetooth-car-/

OK, I put in the make of the car and it said i need a 'Harness Adaptor PC2-09-4' to get it....has anyone got any ideas what this is???? sorry about been dumb! thanks though

Yep thats the power adaptor from your original car stereo lead to a universal plug so it can plug into any other stereo types u see on the market. (link above is the one you can find in halfords).

or if your an ebay fan..
Ok i didnt have much luck except for this:
***edit: (ebay link got blocked, was a link to ebay.com to someone who does the kit shown above but in the USA)***
Bit of a hassle importing, im sure theres UK distributors but just need to find them. Best place to look for is Honda jazz forums, im sure most of them know where to find one from.
g2g, HTH!
OK, so lemme get this right, if I get one of them harness adaptors then I can have a CD player fitted by halfords?

That black facia set thing that you (inquisitor) has posted is sold in dollars, so i presume it is from an american site? meaning I wouldnt get it for xmas???

Ok i didnt have much luck except for … Ok i didnt have much luck except for this:http://*********.com/ebaymotors/2007-2008-HONDA-JAZZ-SINGLE-DIN-RADIO-DASH-INSTALL-KIT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2em63Q2el1177QQhashZitem150276225591QQitemZ150276225591QQptZCarQ5fElectronicsQ5fInstallationBit of a hassle importing, im sure theres UK distributors but just need to find them. Best place to look for is Honda jazz forums, im sure most of them know where to find one from.g2g, HTH!

I use the Griffin I-trip connected to my ipod to play my music thru the radio. Works fine for me but depends where you live as I suppose that there are more people, taxis, etc as well as other ipod users using the airwaves in different parts of the country. :whistling:
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