Found 30th Apr 2010
Have a diesel CRV which is due a service, contacted the main dealer and they charge £350 does anyone know exactly what I am getting for this money as Nationwide only charge £99 for service and MOT. No doubt the dealer will use genuine Honda parts but surely for oil filter etc this doesn't really matter?

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What year is the cr-v?

I have a 09 type-r and got a mailshot through the other day offering 3 years servicing for £500

If it's done a few miles and a few year old I wouldn't bother with main dealer services.

Alhough personally I'd not use Nationwide.

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It's 08

On an 08 I'd say stick with honda to keep a full dealer history in order to maximise retail value when you come to sell. £350 isn't a basic service either I've just paid £195. Is the history dealer stamped up to date so far?

has it still got a warranty? if not go elswhere if it has warranty shop around with honda dealers as will need genune parts to keep up warranty if its 08 im assuming it 2nd service even no's are always more thorough and thus more expensive but i reckon if you haggle with them and say u have cheaper quote you could knock £100 quid off that total

You can go to any garage these days and get an equivalent service, as long as you specify they use genuine Honda parts, there's no problem. That's what I do.

ring around local garages (honda ones) and they'll often beat each others quote to get your business. our local is a johnsons honday- but im going by what happed with the ther halfs volvo, a garage in our town quoted gos knows what for the work,and the dealership 7m down the road when approached beat our local's quote by 10% and did a free pick up drop off valet etc too
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