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    Can anyone recommend any good destinations for a honeymoon, in september. I want to surprise the OH but cant decide on destination!
    We have done Egypt already, so thats out, and want to go somewhere further than Europe.
    Ideally want to stay somewhere all inclusive but dont want a pure beach holiday as we both want to relax and do activities also....
    any help appreciated


    How about the Sandals resorts? Lots to do there!

    how about going to India Goa \ Kerala \ Himalayas?

    Kenya,go on safari:thumbsup:

    Las Vegas ...... amazing place !

    about dom rep it was really nice
    cuba was nice and hot in sept
    or about canary islands hot in sept

    I havent actually been on a honeymoon (not married) but when/if I ever have one I would love to go to just looks like the ideal tropical island!!

    I'd be wary of the Caribbean around September - the likes of Cuba and Mexico included. Big time for tropical storms - we had one during our honeymoon in Cancun and it wiped out 5 days of the break.

    I think it would help if you gave more details on the type of holiday you enjoy - and your age group.

    oohhhh las vegas sounds fun! Id love to tour america

    We went to New York the Las Vegas which was fab cos we got to do loads of sight seeing then chill by the pool & gamble!!

    That was fantastic and we are always saying how mich we'd love to go back to Vegas. If you do go I reccomend the MGM Grand in the west wing - the rooms are beautiful & modern, the restraunts are lovely & have great choice & there are loads of pools including a 'river' pool which was loads of fun.

    Good luck!!

    Thailand. You can have it all: Few days on the beach, few days in the city, few days in the mountains. Great place, weather, people, food and reasonable too!

    If you do fancy it, let me know and I'll recommend a few places.

    As stated before avoid the carribean - too risky at that time of year. You're sure to have fun in Las Vegas - could twin centre it with San fransico. Or how about Dubai - certainly lots to do there.

    west coast of America to include Yosemite National Park! Fly into San Francisco and out of LA..........finish with 3 or 4 days of total relaxation and total sunshine in Palm Springs.


    Best of luck with the hunt

    We went to Goa at the end of October and just missed the monsoon by a week. It's a fantastic place and it was a great mixture of beach and sightseeing but I would check the weather carefully.
    We got married in Las Vegas - cheap and tacky and fab but it's not for everyone. We loved it but it's not the most romantic place on earth - they were heavily into tipping and that can cheapen things.
    How about Australia or new Zealand for somewhere different.
    Good luck whatever you do.

    The Maldives?

    Original Poster

    thanks to all of the above, we both going india for my cousins wedding in nov so dont want to do that twice, and dubai we have been with families and mates seperately, been there about 3 times each so its a bit dull now.
    we are both in mid 20s.
    i guess due to weather restrictions, tropical storms etc, most of latin america and the caribean would be out of the question.
    we loved egypt as it had a good mix of beach and action/sightseeing.
    was thinking of bali, heard thats exceptional value for money, but going all that way and not going to see family in bangkok would be a big sin in my family, lol
    vegas would be great as we both have not been there, maybe coupled with hawaii but not sure if that falls in the "off season".

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    would love to to auz, new zealand, but i think my mate getting married there next year, so gonna take a few weeks out and do both if possible next year

    I'd say the Maldives if you can afford it, looks amazing!

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    Kenya,go on safari:thumbsup:

    kenya doesnt appeal to me as a honeymoon destination:?

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    How about the Sandals resorts? Lots to do there!

    sandals looks good, bit wary about september weather though

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    vegas sounds like a popular choice, might have to look into it....
    maldives would be fantastic, there is so much choice, would be nice to have a recommended resort there...
    would love to do cuba as well, any recommendations for staying there?


    kenya doesnt appeal to me as a honeymoon destination:?

    Its romantic driving across the Masai Mara at sunset:thumbsup:

    Monte Carlo, its lovely and swish.:)

    Safrai keyna?


    I havent actually been on a honeymoon (not married) but when/if I ever … I havent actually been on a honeymoon (not married) but when/if I ever have one I would love to go to just looks like the ideal tropical island!!

    Mauritius is lovely, but slightly spoilt (the coral isn't protected) and very french. The real paradise island is just next door - Seychelles.... here it is PERFECT.

    Original Poster

    am thinking south africa and mauritius now, any recommendations on where to go? to stay? what to do?
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